132 Hobomock St
Pembroke, MA 02359
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In General, Hobomock Arenas Does Not Close Due to Inclement weather or Power Outages
(our recent  generator upgrade allows us to run both ice surfaces at normal operating capacity & schedules)

Many  Programs and Individuals Rent the ice surfaces from us. It is Your Program Or Individuals responsibility to notify you of
weather related cancellations for their ice or call the Arenas at 781-294-0260 for any info we may have on program cancellations.

We Hope and Encourage Everyone to Use Common Sense When Making the Decision to Drive in Poor Weather Conditions
What’s New At Hobomock Arenas

Hobomock Arenas is once again ensuring a quality facility.
Just in time for our upcoming season, we have outfitted our entire
facility with state of the art LED lighting. These changes not only
conserve energy, but enhance the experience for our players and